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Stoneybrook Condominiums
Parking permit registration:

  • Each Tenant that has a vehicle will be issued only one Parking Permit.  IF YOU DO NOT OWN A VEHICLE, YOU CANNOT GET A PARKING PERMIT.

  • Your Parking Permit MUST be permanently attached to the LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE REAR GLASS.  You may not use Tape to attach the Parking Permit to the rear glass.

  • We will issue you a Parking Permit, however, we DO NOT necessarily guarantee you a place to park.  If there are No Parking spaces available on the property in which you live and you park on someone else's property or in an area that is not designated for you and your vehicle is towed as a result then you WILL NOT be reimbursed for any towing expenses.

  • If your vehicle is towed please contact the Lot Enforcement Company listed on the sign on your building.

  • If you have a wheel lock on your vehicle please follow the directions on your window tag or contact the Lot Enforcement Company listed on the sign on your building.

  • To acquire your Parking Permit please bring your CURRENT Vehicle Registration and a Valid Driver's License.

  • In the event that you change vehicles, please scrape the old Parking Permit from your vehicle and bring it to the Appalachian Management Office.  We will gladly issue you a new Parking Permit for your vehicle.  Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

  • You MUST have a VALID Parking Permit to park in the lot.  You MUST pickup your temporary or permanent Parking Permit from the office before you park in the lot.  If it is after hours and you have not obtained your Valid Parking Permit DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT!! 

  • There is to be NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES OR OTHER AREAS DESIGNATED AS NO PARKING AREAS.  This includes the Dumpster Area.  Any vehicle WITH or WITHOUT a Parking Permit found in these areas will be towed at the owner's expense.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • New Parking Permits are issued each and every year.

  • Parking is Enforced from 6:00am on Monday through 6:00pm on Friday.  Parking is not enforced on weekends, holidays, exam week and summer vacations.  

  • There is NO allowance for Visitor Parking.


  • Parking Permits are the property of Stoneybrook Condominium Association and can be revoked at any time.  Any person with a fraudulent sticker can be fined $500.00 and lose all parking privileges.


*Please note that upon successful payment you will be directed to a registration form where you must provide the required information about yourself and your vehicle.  Your application will NOT be completed until you submit the registration form.

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