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High Country Condominiums
Parking permit registration:

We may regulate the time, manner, and place of parking cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles by anyone.  We may have unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles towed.  A vehicle is unauthorized or illegally parked in the apartment complex if it:

  1. Has a flat tire or other condition rendering it inoperable; or 

  2. Is on jacks, blocks or has wheel(s) missing; or

  3. Has no current license or current inspection sticker; or

  4. Takes up more than one parking space; or

  5. Belongs to a resident or occupant who has surrendered or abandoned the apartment; or

  6. Is parked in a marked handicap space without the legally required handicap insignia; or

  7. Is parked in space marked for manager, staff, or guest at the office; or

  8. Blocks another vehicle from exiting; or

  9. Is parked in a fire lane or designated "no parking" area; or

  10. Is parked in a space marked for other resident(s) or unit(s); or

  11. Is parked on the grass, sidewalk, or patio; or

  12. Blocks garbage trucks from access to a dumpster; or

  13. Belongs to a "future resident" or "reserved" parking spaces; or

  14. Only one vehicle per lease holder.

For a resident's vehicle to be "authorized" to park within the community, a parking permit, issued by High Country Condos/LMS Parking Services, must be visible in the bottom left of the front windshield of the vehicle.

Visitors are not authorized to park within the community.


*Please note that upon successful payment you will be directed to a registration form where you must provide the required information about yourself and your vehicle.  Your application will NOT be completed until you submit the registration form.

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